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We provide a complete range of back-end services such as developing, designing and packaging of products for private labeling.

Private Labels

Your brand our tea - Based on the standard of tea that is required for the product, we supply the same quality consistently.

Tea Quality & Blends

Consistency of tea is one of the critical elements to establish and grow a brand. We conduct market research in our partners' markets to develop the ideal blend suitable for the local pallet. We provide product options and price points based on tea quality and market acceptability. Our complete range of teas fall under 4 categories i.e. a) Super Premium b) Premium c) Value for money and d)Economy range. With mutually agreed upon standards, we provide teas that match the quality in every respect.

Product, Packaging & Design

Our services cover the entire spectrum from developing the brand name for the umbrella brand to the creation of variants and brand extensions. We offer alternatives for packaging and pack designs. Our experience in this field helps to minimize the time required for new product development.

Tea Supply in Bulk

We ship tea in bulk packages (paper sacks). Each paper sack contain from 15 to 50 Kgs., depending on your requirements. Paper sacks are normally packed into20 and 40ft containers and pelletized if required.

Pure Ceylon Tea

We have specialized in Ceylon Tea since 1912.The distinctive characters of teas of various elevations & growing locations help us to make blend you desire. Put the Lion Logo on your pack!

Straight Line service

Some of our customers insist on straight lines that need to be sourced from specific tea gardens ensuring traceability and chain of custody. For a nominal service charge these services can be availed.

Brand Management and Consultancy Services.

Have we got all the elements of the Marketing Mix correct? Our expertise in the field of operation management and consumer marketing comes as an added benefit of partnering with us.

Market Information Services

We provide weekly market reports on the tea commodity price movements along with the current prices of the blends and standards. Our experts can be consulted on future probable market trends to aid decisions on stock holding limits and position building.